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Stratford Up-On-Line

From Our Stage to Your Screen

Stratford Up-On-Line produces custom made, interactive educational content for your classroom. We work with you to provide synchronous and asynchronous experiences that range from educational videos, live masterclasses, coaching, Q & A sessions, and in-person residencies. 


Contact us to set up a meeting to bring our professionals into your classroom!

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Demystify the Bard and explore the world of theatre in a customized format. Choose from several content packages or create one that fits your curriculum and budget!

From puppetry to design, acting to directing, our professional artists are equipped to help you realize your vision. Contact us for one-on-one lessons or solo classroom presentations.

Plays, music, merchandise, and special short Shakespeare adaptations for study and performance. Shop at our "Stratford Shop" for your Shakespeare needs!

Take a look at the video below to see what we can offer your class.

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"These are fantastic educational tools!"

"When the COVID pandemic hit, and schools were shut down, most of us were at a loss on how to keep our students interested in learning.  Studying Shakespeare without guidance can be daunting. That's where Stratford Up-On-Line came to the rescue.  These entertaining introductions and explorations of the Bard's work, kept my students engaged in learning, and it helped them realize that Shakespeare isn't so foreign or scary.  It can even be entertaining.  I actually loved the videos so much, I am going to continue to use them in my classes virtual or not.  I have also recommended these videos to several of my colleagues; theatre teachers, English teachers and really any educator that wants to explore the world of the Elizabethan renaissance.  These are fantastic educational tools!"

-Heather Hooten, Theatre Teacher - Morrilton High School

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